26 Mar

2024 Women's Premier and Reserves Season Preview

A best ever finish since the early 2000's in the Premier League saw Ryan Shiffman and his Ellerslie team make the National League - which was a great experience for the team, despite tough away trips to Christchurch, Wellington and Dunedin.  A historic maiden win against rivals Eastern Suburbs in the penultimate week wasn't enough for the Ponies to avoid the wooden spoon but we also banked a lot of experience we can take into our 2024 NRFL campaign. 

Women's Reserves

A tricky season for the Reserves last season as a lot of experienced players took up other opportunities, which while it was challenging to replace their spirit and passion it also allowed a few young players to step up to the Reserves level.  A midtable finish was probably about right for the team who showed lots of promise but ultimately were a little inconsistent, particularly when the First Team hit injuries and players were called up to make debuts.  In 2024 we have promoted a lot of more youth into the team, and we have an exciting group of players who will be looking to make their mark on this division before pushing for First Team action.

In's and Out's

In's: Emma Paetz (Auckland United), Taylor Frost (Promoted from Youth), Lily Pastiroff (Promoted from Youth), Roxy Pastiroff (Promoted from Youth), Sophia Hoffman (Promoted from Youth)

Out's: Alex Loo, Prisca Pieters, Gracie Wilson-Cooper, Beth Stephens, Andrea Hawke.

2024 Women's Reserves Squad + Training Players

2. Morgan Attwood
4. Kate Lindsay
5. Julia Robinson
6. Emma Paetz 
8. Lauren McCormick
9. Rachel Nolan
10. Ashley Fillet
11. Taylor Frost
14. Jess Marvin
17. Sarah Jessup 
18. Kelsea King
19. Lily Pastiroff
20 Roxy Pastiroff
21. Ella Alfaro Campbell
22. Alyssa Bellamy
24. Maddie Woolford
28. Sophia Hoffman
32. Tia Lindbom
36. Paige Ihaka 

Training Players
Alana Hislop
Ella Mayston
Shannon Hewetson

Women's First Team

As mentioned above a strong finish to the NRFL season which saw wins over Western Springs and Hibiscus Coast on the last day of the season to finish 4th narrowly above West Coast Rangers was an amazing moment for the club - 2024 has seen a lot of talent join the club as we picked up 6 players with significant First Team experience (and maybe more to come) as we look to go back to back in the National League.

In's and Out's

In's: Katie Mawdesley (Otago University AFC/Southern United), Kate Duncan (Auckland United), Cashlin Copley (Eagle FC), Kaliyana Haering (Metro FC), Tayla O'Brien (Metro FC), Anna Sluyter (West Coast Rangers)

Out's: Vibha Godha (Fencibles Utd), Marillia Rocha Xerex (Back to Brazil), Britney Cunningham-Lee (Franklin Utd), Faith Moa (US College), Mia Collins (not playing), Charli Collard (Bay Olympic), Prue Catton (Cricket), Hannah Pilley (US College), Mia Grgicevich (US College)

2024 Women's First Team Squad

1. Petra Wedlake
2. Katie Mawdesley
3. Courtney Beale
4. Leigh Aitken
5. Tayla Hawes
6. Hollie Leona
7. Kate Duncan
8. Cilla Fa'afua
9. Kim Oosterbeek 
10. Kat Gow
11. Anita Trudgen
12. Cat Pretty
13. Ella James
14. Abby Wright
16. Cashlin Copley 
21. Kaliyana Haering
23. Dalila Mosca
25. Hannah Barclay 
26. Tayla O'Brien 
27. Lyric Davison
29. Anna Sluyter