Coaching Courses (Junior)

Ellerslie AFC is dedicated to developing better coaches because we know that translates into developing better players.  To ensure that this is done with the club’s ethos and principles in mind, Ellerslie AFC runs a variety of free coaching workshops to any of its members. 

These coaching workshops range from how to get started at being a brand new coach to the game, what type of training sessions to run with the age and skill of the players you have in the team, all the way to how to prepare players for matches/tournaments.  We want to make sure anyone who puts their hand up to help a team at our club is supported as much as possible to be able to develop the players they have in a fun, enthusiastic and safe way. 

Level 1: Getting Started for New Coaches

Level 2: Age Appropriate Sessions

Level 2: Game Day Management

Level 2: Team Structure and Tactics

Level 3: PDP Open Day (for Coaches)

All courses will be held in the Michaels Avenue Clubrooms ( Apart from PDP open day which will be held at the Michaels Avenue Turf)

All of these courses are provided to members for free

Invites to the above courses will be emailed out to applicable attendees via Friendly Manager - if you didn't get an invite and you wish to attend please send your RSVP to Ryan Shiffman on