New Clubrooms & Amenities Project at Michaels Avenue

ESC Clubrooms Appeal

This project now requires your help to raise funds to enable the construction of new amenities and clubrooms for the benefit of both Ellerslie Football and Ellerslie Cricket Clubs, as well as the wider community.

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To promote opportunities for involvement in football, both on and off the pitch, for the benefit of the community






Some time has passed since we announced the above project to our membership, so an update is now appropriate. It is fantastic to be able to confirm a number of milestones that have been reached over the last 6 months as we move forward in making this proposed community asset a reality :

  1. We received Resource Consent approval from Auckland Council in early July 2019, so all planning issues are now resolved.
  2. Membership support through the Donations portal on our website has been building. The Clubs would like to thank all of you who have made a financial commitment to date in support of our efforts.
  3. A number of major applications for financial support have been made to third parties, including NZ Lotteries, New Zealand Community Trust (NZCT) and Foundation North.  Recently, we received confirmation from NZCT of a significant grant of $300,000 towards the project’s construction. With positive comments coming from other funding organizations, we are hopeful of receiving further support over the balance of 2019.
  4. The Clubs are now in a position to progress into Developed Design, in order to better inform the Construction budget. We will be doing this over the next 6-8 weeks , with a view to then starting discussions with a selected Main Building Contractor(s) .

The feedback we are getting from the above funding partners is that they are potentially willing to fund the specific construction costs of any capital works project, but not the professional consultancy design costs. As a consequence, the onus is really on us to raise the monies required to complete all documentation to get us through to Building Consent stage.  

With both the verbal, and tangible support we have already received, this project WILL be built (either in its full, or bare shell format), and so we ask again for the membership to dig into your pockets, and make a financial donation to help us get to this further design milestone. We continue to need your help in producing this wonderful asset for our membership, and the wider community.

These are exciting times for the project. We look forward to receiving your further support, and to keeping you informed of more good news as it comes to hand.

If you have any queries, please contact me on,  or 021 941 139.


Mark Weipers


Ellerslie AFC Inc.

1st September 2019

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