EAFC Tents

Ellerslie AFC are lucky enough to have three branded Tents to our membership to use at tournaments and club related events.

We have 2 Large Tents (6 meters by 3 meters) and 1 Small Tent (3 meters by 3 meters).

Currently all the tents are damaged and awaiting repair

All the tents are Ezi-up tents and are branded with the Ellerslie Logo and Trillion Trust.

These tents are an asset to the club and as such we must ensure they are not mistreated or lost - so a set of simple rules will be in play for any members who wish to book them.


  • Ground pegs and guy ropes must be used EVERY time the tent is put up
  • The Tents are not to be left up overnight under any circumstance
  • In high winds the tents are to be brought down as they are not designed for extreme weather
  • The tent packs are to be returned in full and clean, including:
    • The roof must be dry before being returned
    • Any ground sheets or sides must be wiped clean and be dried
    • Any damage must be reported PRIOR to the tent being returned


Videos on how to put up the Tent correctly and safely: 
Simple Demo: https://youtu.be/DdhCEueUfUo 
More Detailed Demo: https://youtu.be/WFGqD0t5AuY


Once you have reserved a booking, contact the club to organise pick up and drop off times.

EAFC Operations