Ellerslie AFC loves Tournaments and we wanted to add a special touch to two key tournaments for the Football community.

Our first effort was the U11 "Nationals" which sat alongside simular tournaments for U9 and U10 offered by Auckland Utd and Norwest Utd respectively - however with the arrival of "Balance is Better" we have since renamed this tournament the U11's Festival of Football with our intention to deliver this alongside our key partner Auckland Stadiums at Mt Smart Stadium.  Unfortunately due to Covid this has been disrupted and with the arrival of professional sport back to Mt Smart Stadium we are working with the team at Auckland Stadiums to find a consistent slot to be able to deliver this tournament - due to Women's World cup in 2023 this tournament will be on hold until 2024 at the earliest.

U15 Nationals is a gap in the market, with a tournament preceeding the U17's Nationals at Western Springs - North Harbour Stadium was targetted as the venue for this tournament, however due to Covid and not being able to find a suitable slot this has been paused as well - to continue in 2024.