FIFA at Michaels Ave

30 Jun

Impacts of FIFA Training Base Camp at Michaels Ave Reserve


Dear Member,

As we have been indicating since we were chosen as a Team Base Camp for the Women’s World Cup there will be a short window of interruption to services at Michaels Ave – we now have the detail to be able to confirm exactly what that impact will be.


FIFA take over our site from the 6th of July and have indicated we could get the site back as early as the 5th of August, although this could be extended to the 20th of August. 


This is very important to understand – please take some time to read this section and understand the restrictions

  • Field 2 continues to be off limits until the end of the FIFA Exclusive Period
  • The ENTIRE Michaels Ave Community Centre (the new building) is within the FIFA Exclusive Footprint – this means the Club Office, Toilets, Changing Rooms etc are all closed to the membership and public for the FIFA Exclusive Period
  • Elwood Place Carpark and a Bus turning area in the Plaza will be fenced off and be part of the FIFA Exclusive Footprint – there will be no parking access from Elwood Place for the duration of the FIFA Exclusive Period.
  • The Road up from the Michaels Ave Carpark to the YMCA will be closed to members and public on the days Argentina are training (for several hours prior and up to an hour afterwards). This area will be closed to allow Accredited Media to park and be able to access the MACC building for interviews etc.


Based on the scope of the above we have the following onsite impacts

  • Loss of Michaels Ave #3, #4 and #5 while Argentina are training (adjacent fields rule) – but we can continue to use the Michaels Ave Turf with no restrictions.
  • No access to changing rooms (or showers) onsite (Women’s games will be moved to alternate locations)
  • Toilets will be made available in the old clubrooms and via portaloos somewhere close to the turf (exact location TBC)
  • Parking will be reduced – we recommend to members and visitors that they investigate public transport or park at Liston Park (at the end of Michaels Ave) and walk to Michaels Ave Reserve. It’s important to remember if you are parking on the street that you don’t park over anyone’s driveway, let’s not do that to our neighbours!  Please also note there is a traffic management plan in place for Elwood Place, there are to be no cars parked on the side of this road.
  • Loss of storage rooms for Nets/balls/pick up and drop off points – these areas will be replaced within the YMCA building or additional storage options – these will be communicated to team managers directly.
  • Loss of Office for staff and members to come and ask questions – we will be operating out of the old clubrooms which sit above the YMCA – the entry is at the eastern corner of the building – this will operate the same hours as the current office.
  • Some pedestrian access is impacted but there are alternate routes available for people to get around the reserve