U15 Nationals FAQ's

Updated: 17-09-21

Q. Will the club get a refund if the tournament is unable to go ahead due to Covid?
A. If the tournament is cancelled or if a rescheduled date is advised and a team cannot attend on the new date, a full refund will be provided.

Q. What is the level of this tournament?
A. We have pitched this tournament at the highest level of U15 players in the country similar to the U17 Western Springs tournament.

Q. What age players does U15 cover?
A. The tournament is aimed at male players born between 14 & 15, and must be born on or after 1st January 2006 and 31st December 2007. Female players competing in the female competition must be aged between 13 & 15 and must be born on or after 1st January 2006 and 31st December 2008.

Q. What is the maximum squad size?
A. There will be a maximum squad size of 18.

Q. How many games will we play, what is the format?
A. This will largely depend on the number of entries – our preference is for a 24 team boys tournament, and a 12 team girls tournament– we will release more information about this once we have a better idea of the number of entries.

Q. Are guest players allowed in this tournament?
A. Yes, the boys teams can have a maximum of two players and the girls teams can have a maximum of three players.

Q. What size fields and what type of fields will the tournament be played on?
A. We will be playing on full sized fields with the same game format rules as NRF U15 grade football – there will be 6 playing fields - four grass and two artificial turf fields..

Q. Which entrance should I drive to?
A. If you are a coach, manager, player or supporter, please enter through either Stadium Drive, Coliseum Drive or Oteha Valley Road for easy parking. We recommend car pooling as much as possible to reduce vehicles at the venue.  Do not park in the retail outlets carparks over by the Albany shopping complex or the car parks near the swimming pool as you risk being towed away.

Q. I need a mobility carpark, where are they?
A. We offer mobility parking to anyone with a disabled permit. There are spots available in the main carpark accessed via Stadium Drive.  For matches played on the artificial turf, there are parks available near the fields through the Oteha Valley Road entrance.

Q. How will I know where to go and what number they are?
A. There will be plenty of wayfinding signage on site between the fields and around the carparks. We will have volunteers to assist on the day and maps available to help you get around the stadium.

Q. Will referees be supplied?
A. Every game will have a referee with a minimum qualification of “Community Referee” (the old CBR qualification). Each team is to supply an assistant referee for each match they are involved in during pool play.

Q. Will there be player awards?
A. Trophies will be awarded to the Championship winners of the male and female competitions and other sections of the tournament. There will be a MVP of the tournament – Coaches are to select a MVP from the opposing team at the conclusion of the match, advising the referee so it can be marked next to the player’s name on the team card.  There will be a male and female MVP awarded. There will also be prizes awarded for Fair Play team award and Sportsmanship awards for male and female players, along with additional awards and spot prizes.

Q. Is there space at North Harbour Stadium for a marquee or tent to base our team(s) in?
A. If you wish to set up a marquee for the tournament to provide your team with a base, please contact Tim Adams – chairman@ellersliefootball.org.nz to book a site.

Q. Is it free entry for spectators?
A. Yes, all are welcome to come along. 

Q. Am I allowed to watch the games from anywhere?
A. No, there will be some designated spectator areas and some areas restricted to just coaches and players. Please respect the boundaries that are in place for this tournament.

Q. Will there be public toilets open?
A. Yes there are toilets around the venue and will be shown on the site map.

Q. Will there be food & beverages available?
A. There will be a range of drinks, coffee and hot and cold food available for purchase on site from the kiosks in the stadium.  

Q. Can I bring my own food and drink?
A. Yes you can bring in small quantities of home prepared food and drink. No commercially prepared food or alcohol can be brought on site to North Harbour Stadium.  

Q. Will there be places to sit?
A. Yes, teams are welcome to bring gazebos and chairs. There is a covered grandstand with plenty of seats available and you can bring your own chair to sit on as well.

Q. What can I do to be prepared if I am attending for all day or both days?
A. We would recommend wearing covered shoes. Bring water bottles as water is available around the Stadium venue, bring sunblock and an umbrella.

Q. Can I bring my dog?
A. No, sorry we do not allow dogs at the North Harbour Stadium venue. Please leave your dog at home and not in the car.

Q. Can I smoke or vape in the stadium?
A. North Harbour Stadium is a smoke-free zone so no smoking or vaping is permitted at the venue.