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Senior Team Managers - Key Info


Team Registration and Payment

All players must be registered on Clubhub prior (we recommend as soon as possible) to playing as the club then needs to register the player to play with AFF before they can take the field.  Once the season starts if a player isn't in your team list on Clubhub* then they are not eligble to play

*If you can't see your team list on clubhub please contact Tim Adams

Players are required to pay their fee's before the season starts - there is an earlybird discount available until early March each season (check the key dates calendar for exact date each year)

A Team Fee is available upon application - you can read more about the Team Fee here!

Yellow card and red card fines along with any other fines earned by players will be placed on their clubhub account and will need to be paid within 20 days of the charged being loaded.


Referee Development/Referee Exchange Program

The club is very keen to help develop referee's from our membership base - we realise that a referee's role in having an enjoyable football experience is crucial, so we encourage anyone who is interested in your team to contact our Referee Development Officer (Mike Clark) to find out more.


Training and Game Slots

The club carefully breaks down it's available resources to try and give everyone a fair crack - training schedules can be found on this website - click here - Game slots are carefully managed also by the club and while we can accomodate certain requests we will try and make sure access is delivered in a logical and fair way.

If you wish to make a special request for a game slot, including a night game* - please email Kelly Bolus

Please note Pre-Season requests for games and training slots to come to Tim Adams.

*Night games require consent from your opposition in writing (email is fine) to be sent to the club no less than 15 days prior to your fixture.


Match Day Management

As a Team Manager one of your key roles is to manage the team on matchday - we recommend a facebook group setup so you can easily communicate with your team.  It's also crucial communication lines from the club to you as a team manager are clear as well - so please make sure you are a member of our Team Managers facebook group as we will communicate there at least once a week.

On matchday we do require a picture of your teamcard (filled in correctly, with time, date and scorers) to be sent to no longer than 90 mins after your game has finished.  The longer you delay this process the more chance your result will not go up on the AFF website, and there is the possibility of fines from AFF which will be passed down if the indiscrection continues.

If you are scheduled to play at home (or at a home satelight field) then you may be required to setup or take down nets - this will be confirmed on Friday evening on the Team Managers page on facebook.

Away Strips - Teams will be assigned an Away Strip each this season.


Thanks for your time guys - we will update this page from time to time in the season.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact the following Club Members

Tim Adams - Chairman
Kelly Bolus - Operations and Admin
Michael Clark - Referee Development Manager