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Welcome to the Senior Registration Information page. This page contains information on the following:

Season Dates and Leagues Internet Based Registration System and Database
Eligible Players Subscriptions
Early Bird Registration Benefits Discounts and Refunds Policy
Online Merchandise Purchases Pre-Season Training
Other Important Things to Note Volunteers
Financial Support Register now


Season Dates and Leagues

At the time of writing, the club is expecting the 2022 NRFL season to kick off on the weekend of 26-27th March. All other senior competitions are scheduled to kick off on the weekend of 30th April-1st May.  Northern Region Football (NRF) have confirmed a move for the season to start in May and finish at the end of September (previously April-August) to align with school terms.

NRF continue with the changes to the naming and numbering of divisions from 2021 which may affect the perception of what league your team is in  for 2022.  If you have any questions, please ask!  

In 2021, the Club had Senior teams entered in the following leagues:

NRFL Div 1 - Men's

NRFL Reserves Div 1 - Men's

NRFL Premier - Women's

NRFL Premier Reserves - Women's

NRF Championship Div 1 - Men's

NRF Community Div 1 - Men's 

NRF Community Div 2-8 - Men's

NRF Community Div 1 - Women's 

NRF Community Div 4 - Women's (2 teams)

NRF Masters (Over 35's Div 1) - Men's

NRF Veterans (Over 40's Div 2) - Men's

NRF Legends (Over 45's Div 2) - Men's (2 teams)

Internet Based Registration System and Database

The Club will again utilise our online registration and database system (ClubHub) for 2022.

The key features include:

  • Online player registration and payment facilities
  • Online facilities for members to change contact information, view financial transactions, pay outstanding accounts, change passwords etc
  • Enhanced ability for administrators to email all members, relevant groups of members, grades, teams etc

When completing the registration form, please record the name/division of the team you wish to join or record 'looking for a team to join' in the Team/Division preferences box of the online form.

Eligible Players

Players born on or before 31 December 2002 will normally play in Senior Football.

Male players born in 2003 or 2004 will qualify for Under 19 competitions, with female players born in 2003, 2004, 2005 or 2006 qualifying for Under 16 or Under 19 competitions - see our Junior/Youth Registration page for more information (Please note players born after 31 December 2003 may be able to play Senior football in some circumstances – email the Club Chairman for more information)


Grade 2021 Fee 2022 Fee Early Bird Discount* Early Bird Fee 
Senior Men and Women $365.00  $340.00 $70.00  $270.00 

*    Applies to all payments made on or before 15th April 2022.
**  Please email the Club Chairman if you wish to enter an entire team.

Discounts and Refunds Policy

Click here to see our Subscriptions and Refunds policy.

Early Bird Registration Benefit

The Club urges all intending players to REGISTER EARLY to assist the club in organising team and player numbers. In some circumstances, our ability to enter teams in specific Northern Region Football (NRF) divisions is limited. The sooner all team entry requests are received and the club have all individual players registered, the sooner the club can confirm the availability of positions.


Early bird registrations close on Monday 11th March 2022 for Under 19 Players. All registrations paid on or before that date qualify for an Early Bird Discount of $20.00.

Early bird registrations close on Monday 15th April 2022 for Senior Players. All registrations paid on or before that date qualify for an Early Bird Discount of $70.00.



If you wish to play in the 2022 season you will need to be vaccinated if eligible to do so or have a medical exemption, under a new directive from New Zealand Football. 


Online Merchandise Purchases

Teams are issued with a set of playing shirts, including a goal keeper's shirt.  All items remain the property of the Club and MUST be returned at the end of the season or earlier if a player leaves the Club.  The Club reserves the right to seek compensation and mark a player's national record with a red flag for any club property that is damaged or not returned.


Players will need to provide their own items as listed below:

  • Football boots (NO metal sprigs to be used on artificial turf)
  • Shin pads (players without shin pads will not be permitted to play)
  • Black shorts
  • Black Football socks

It is preferred that players use guard stays instead of electrical tape on their socks.  These are available for purchase for $10 from the club.

Shorts, socks, training shirts, guard stays and supporters gear (caps, beanies, jackets, etc) can be purchased online for Score Sportswear (Lotto) via special online shops for Ellerslie players and supporters. Click here to get more information.


Pre Season Training

Senior Men's NRFL First Team and Reserves Pre-Season Muster commences in late January 2022.  The Senior Women's NRFL team and Reserves will also commence in late January 2022.  New players interested in attending trials for these teams, please contact:

  • Men's - Tim Adams - chairman@elllersliefootball.org.nz 
  • Women's - Ryan Shiffman - coaching@elllersliefootball.org.nz 

The Club also offers for men and women, at a competitive level (i.e. coach-led training sessions) but with more emphasis and focus on the social aspect of football.  If you are interested in more information regarding these teams, these can be directed to Tim Adams via email         

Training for the club's other teams (community teams) will be decided upon by each team's manager in conjunction with club administration.

If you are new to the club and don't have a team we have a number of "Open Training sessions" organised - which is basically a chance for all the new players at the club to come down and have a kick around and meet some of the managers/coaches of the clubs teams who are looking for players - from there we have a great record of placing people in teams!

Men's Open Trainings: 

12th Mar 5pm to 7pm
19th Mar 1pm to 3pm
26th Mar 5pm to 7pm

At Michaels Ave Reserve 

Register your attendance here


Women's Open Trainings: 

13th Mar 11am to 1pm
20th Mar 10am-12pm
27 Mar 10am to 12pm

At Michaels Ave Reserve 

Register your interest here


Other Important Things to Note

  • If you played for a club other than Ellerslie last year, please note this in your registration information.  Make sure you have returned all gear from the previous club and do not owe any monies.

  • You won't be able to play in regular season (or cup) games until your subscription has been paid once the deadline for payment has passed - this is in line with our no pay, no play policy.

  • If you last played for a club outside New Zealand, you will require an international transfer clearance (ITC). There is no cost involved but can take up to 30 days, so need to advise the club as soon as possible. Please view the ITC Club policy here

  • ALL cautions (yellow or red cards) incurred by a player will be charged to that player's account in our ClubHub registration system and is to be paid within 14 days of the charge being loaded to your ClubHub account.  If you are issued with a card during a game and wish to dispute it, please check the regulations on the NRF website here  If your dispute (e.g. case of mistaken identity) falls within regulations, please contact us within two days being played.

  • The Club offers part-season memberships to individual players within a team or bulk team fee options.  For more information, please contact the Chairman on chairman@ellersliefootball.org.nz

  • For all other Club policies please follow this link



Like any sporting organisation, the Club relies heavily on volunteers. The vast majority of teams are coached by a parent or somebody connected to players in the team.  If you are interested in giving back to the club, a great way to do this is by being a coach to a junior team on a Saturday morning, before heading off to your own game in the afternoon.


In order to organise teams every year, your club must have coaches and managers for all teams. Please help your Club by indicating how you can help (you will be asked during the online registration process).  Your involvement in the activities for the new generation of players coming through, would be greatly appreciated.


The Club runs specialised training sessions for new coaches and managers, and supports coaches who wish to up skill through various training programmes run both internally and by Northern Region Football.  For further information on this, contact Fred de Jong.


In particular, the club is looking for volunteers to fill the following roles. These can be standalone roles and not requiring the volunteer to be on any Committees.

  • Club Committee member
  • Assist the club with finding Sponsorship opportunities
  • Creating graphics for marketing and social media use
  • Liaison for booking and arranging pick-up and return of Club marquees


Contact Us if you would like to discuss ways you can help or join the Club Committee.


Financial Support

In common with most community based sporting organisations, the demand for and desire to, improve services to our members is often constrained by funding shortfalls. There is continual pressure to maintain an appropriate balance between reasonable subscriptions and fees and providing more and improved quality services for members.

We urge all members to financially support these initiatives by:
  • Paying subscriptions in full and on time
  • Adding a donation at registration time if able
  • New Clubrooms Funding Appeal - Further information 
  • Becoming a Club Sponsor and partnering with Ellerslie AFC - Contact Us to discuss