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Covid-19 Return to Play


Ellerslie AFC's "Return to Play" plan is detailed below - the key areas are the required public health measures for Football at Alert Level 2. 

The policies covered in these plans below are designed to get members back to playing football as safely as possible



Check this link for our most recent Covid-19 Update




Objectives of the Return to Play Plan

Required Public Health Measures


Return To Play Checklists

Contact Tracing Details

Return to Play Plans


Objectives of the Return to Play Plan

The Club delivers football to its members to the best level possible during the
Covid-19 outbreak as NZ move through the Alert Levels, while not
compromising health and wellbeing of staff and members.

  • Risks of contagion to people that come to the Club are managed, ensuring the health and wellbeing of staff and members.
  • Ministry of Health directives are the initial basis for decision making in the event of a pandemic, such as directives regarding self-isolation and gatherings of people.
  • Ensuring everyone has a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities detailed in the respective Plans.



  • Stay home if you’re sick and do not take part in sport or recreation if you have flu-like symptoms, self-isolate at home and get tested immediately.
  • Gatherings must be restricted to a maximum of 10 people (both indoor and outdoor facilities). 
  • A system to record and retain the contact details of all people involved in, or attending, your activity must be in place to enable contact tracing should it be required. This information should be accessible at all times for contact tracing purposes up to 4 weeks after the contact was recorded.
  • Surfaces and equipment must be regularly cleaned and disinfected where practicable.
  • Good personal hygiene practices should continue – wash and dry your hands before and after activities, cough into elbow and don’t touch your face.
  • Physical distancing of 2 metres should be maintained wherever possible, especially from people that you don’t know. It is recognised that contact during physical activity will occur but this should be minimised as much as possible, especially off the field of play.
  • People at high risk of severe illness from COVID-19 (particularly older people and those with existing medical conditions) should take additional precautions when undertaking physical activity.
  • Travel should be done safely to reduce the possibility of transmission and spread of the virus.



As required by the government and NZF we have the following list of sanctions in place for when the rules are not followed:


If the Club becomes aware of a breach by a player, coach, parent/caregiver/spectator, team of our Covid-19 Return to Train/Play policies, a review committee shall be appointed to review any breaches as required by the processes set out.  If there are any breaches, the following shall occur:

If the breach is by an individual player or players:

  • In the first instance the Coach is able to ask the player to either leave the training (in the event of it being a senior player) or sit to the side of training (in the event it is a junior/youth member). 
  • If there is a second breach by the individual, the Coach shall advise the Club of the breach. 
  • After meeting to discuss the breach the individual shall be contacted and educated on the process and required to acknowledge they understand what they need to do to remedy the breach and understand the protocols (in the event of players under 16 years, this will be done through parents).
  •  If the individual breaches the protocol again, they would be suspended from playing until further notice

If the breach is by a coach:

  • The review committee will meet to discuss the breach.
  • The coach will be contacted and be educated on the protocols and receive acknowledgement from them that they understand what they need to do to remedy the breach and understand the protocols.
  • If the coach breaches the protocols again a supervisor would attend the next training session to supervise and then discuss with the coach after the session the steps they need to take to meet the protocol.
  • If the breach continues, the coach will be replaced for a period of time until it is deemed that the coach is able to resume their duties.


If the breach is by a parent or caregiver:

  • The review committee will meet to discuss the breach.
  • The person will be contacted and educated on protocols and we shall receive an acknowledgement from them that they understand what they need to do to remedy the breach and understand the protocols.
  • If the breach continues, the individual will be asked to not attend at the facility until the Alert levels drop to a point where the breach is no longer an issue.


Return to Play Checklists


Click to download a Players Checklist



Click to download a Coaches Checklist



Click here to download a Parents/Caregivers Checklist


Contact Tracing Details

After the Government mandated the use of the NZ Covid Tracer App in businesses we have converted all our signage at venues to QR codes - this is now our primary Contact Tracing tool.  If for some reason you don't want to use this method you can still use iDMe.


Return to Play Plan Details

Facilities Plan

Game and Training Plan

Communications Plan

Contact Tracing Plan


The club wishes to thank everyone involved in helping bring this plan together, including all members of the Executive and Operational Committees, Westferry Property Services and the other Clubs in the Auckland area who were kind enough to collaborate on ideas/protocols.