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Under 13 to Under 19 (born in 2003 - 2009)

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Subscriptions (Registration fees) Age Grades for 2021
Season Start Dates Internet Based Registration System & Database
Playing Formats and Number of Players in a Team Discounts and Refunds Policy
Requests to Play with Friends or Classmates Football Development
Player and Coach Development Opportunities Trials
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Subscriptions (Registration Fees) 

Paying fees before that date enables members to pay the lowest possible amount.

Grade U13-U19

2021 Fee: $240.00

2022 Fee: $220.00

EBD: $20.00

EBD Applied: $200.00


Note: EBD is Early Bird Discount.
**   The Early Bird discount amount indicated for each grade can be deducted where subscription fees are paid in full before midnight on Friday 11th March 2022.
Team photos will be able to be purchased on Photo night later in the year for $20.00.

At Ellerslie AFC we continue to set our subscriptions at a level which provides great value for families to afford football – part of that value is that the club provides the playing shirts, which significantly reduces the cost of our fees compared with other clubs. The Club tries very hard to keep fees to a minimum and continues to try and offset cost increases incurred in delivering services to members, while also meeting the club's objectives of delivering a high quality footballing experience.


All players selected for Ellerslie AFC Red teams (top in each grade, male & female) will have an additional one-off charge added to their Club Hub account once the player announcements for the Red teams are known.  This charge is to cover additional costs incurred with qualified coaches, additional training sessions, resources and equipment and increased elite player fees enforced from Northern Region Football for the 2022 season.  Refer to the Player Development section for more information.



If you wish to play in the 2022 season you will need to be vaccinated if eligible to do so or have a medical exemption, under a new directive from New Zealand Football. 


  • Under 13-17's (players born 2003-2008)                                              $80.00

Age Grades for 2021

Age classification - Under 13 - Under 19 (U13-U19): Any player in these competitions must have achieved the required age during the current calendar year i.e. an Under 14 player must be turning 14 in 2022 (previously known as 14th Grade).
Registrations will be accepted in the following grades until 1st March.  After this date, it will be subject to availability within grades.
Grade Birthday
Under 13 Girls Only (U13 Girls) 01 Jan 2009 to 31 Dec 2009 inclusive
Under 13 Boys (U13) 01 Jan 2009 to 31 Dec 2009 inclusive
Under 14 Girls Only (U14 Girls) 01 Jan 2008 to 31 Dec 2008 inclusive
Under 14 Boys (U14) 01 Jan 2008 to 31 Dec 2008 inclusive
Under 15 Boys (U15) 01 Jan 2007 to 31 Dec 2007 inclusive
Under 15-16 Girls Only (U16 Girls) 01 Jan 2006 to 31 Dec 2007 inclusive
Under 16-17 Boys (U17) 01 Jan 2005 to 31 Dec 2006 inclusive
Under 17-19 Girls (U19 Girls) 01 Jan 2003 to 31 Dec 2005 inclusive
Under 18-19 Boys (U19) 01 Jan 2003 to 31 Dec 2004 inclusive
NRF requires and the Club recommends all players play in their correct age grade and will make every endeavour to place all players in their correct grade.  Any U14-U16 players playing outside of their grade in 2022, up or down a grade, will require the club to apply for dispensation from Northern Region Football.
Female players are encouraged to play in all girls teams if sufficient players are available. Click here for details on Girls' Football at Ellerslie.
Where registration numbers do not allow teams to be formed in correct age grades, players may need to be moved to another grade to allow a team to be formed over two grades. Registrations in all grades are accepted subject to sufficient players numbers to form a team.

 Season Start Dates

At the time of writing (information subject to change), the club have been advised that the first round of 2022 competitive games will be:

  • NRFL Youth Girls - U13 and U16                               Saturday 9th April
  • NRF Youth Community Leagues                                Saturday 7th May
  • NRF Championship Leagues                                     Sunday 8th May

The season for Community teams runs from the start of May until the last weekend in September and games will be scheduled (weather and ground conditions permitting) on weekends, including Queen's Birthday weekend (change by NRF on 11th May).


Players selected for Ellerslie Red teams (male and female) will have matches scheduled on Queen's Birthday weekend and the first weekend of the July School holidays.  Players are expected to be available.  NRFL Youth Girls teams will also have games scheduled on first and last weekend of the April school holidays.


For all other U13-U19 teams, the following applies - There will be play on the first Saturday (9th July) of the July School Holidays but will take a 2 week break and play will resume on Saturday 30th July.


Please note some youth teams may be required to play games until mid October if such matches are vital to determining a league winner, etc. 

Internet Based Registration System and Database

The Club will again utilise our online registration and database system (ClubHub) for 2022.
The key features include:
  • Online player/parent or guardian registration and payment facilities.
  • Online facilities for members to change contact information, view financial transactions, pay outstanding accounts, change passwords etc.
  • Enhanced ability for administrators to email all members individually, in teams, in grades, in selections of teams, etc.
You can access the registration system by clicking the “Go to Player Registration” Link at the foot of this page
PLEASE NOTE - 2021 Ellerslie players and parents can shortcut the 2022 registration process by logging in using their username and password from 2021 (for any family member). You will be directed to the registration screen with partially completed data from last year. Please CAREFULLY CHECK AND UPDATE YOUR DATA before completing registration.
If you cannot recall your 2021 username and password, you can register again from the beginning for 2022.  Ellerslie Admin staff will link your previous history with your new username and password (if applicable).

Playing Formats and Number of Players in Teams


For 2022, the Club continues to implement the playing formats suggested under the NZ Football "Whole of Football" plan. Click here for details. 

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Discounts and Refunds Policy

All registrations paid in full on or before the Early bird date qualify for the advised discount per player.  Early bird discounts cease to be available at midnight on Friday 11th March 2022.

A second, and each subsequent, junior or youth member of the same family living at the same address, qualifies for a 10% discount on subscriptions. Players must be registered as part of the same family group to qualify. (NOTE: There is no discount for a single player family).

(see our Subscriptions & Refunds policy for full details)


Requests to Play With Friends or Classmates

The Club receives a number of requests for players to be placed in the same team as a friend or classmate. The Club will make every attempt to meet such requests, but cannot guarantee this, particularly in graded teams. 

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Football Development

Fred de Jong is the Ellerslie AFC Director of Football assisted by Ryan Shiffman as the Club's Junior / Youth Coaching Director. Fred was appointed in 2017 and is highly qualified to lead the football development at the club.  Ryan has been with the Club since 2012 and is widely recognised for his development of junior and youth players.  They are generally both available to talk to on Saturday mornings at Michaels Avenue if you have any questions you wish to discuss with them.

Player and Coach Development Opportunities

The Football Development section of the club is in the planning stages of a number of player and coach development courses and workshops in 2022.
Go to our Player Development  and Coach Development pages or email coaching@ellersliefootball.org.nz for further information and details on how to register.


The Youth Division holds pre-season trials for players in the Under 13 - Under 17's.  These trials form part of process whereby the Club will endeavour to ensure players play in a team and at a level, appropriate to their skills, commitment etc.
For players to have the opportunity to be selected for top graded teams within each grade, they need to attend at least one of the trials scheduled. Please go to the trials page for further information and details including dates and times, what to bring etc.

If a player is likely to be unavailable for periods during the season (ie other sports, extended holiday etc) please let the Coaching Director, Ryan Shiffman by sending an email - coaching@ellersliefootball.org.nz to ensure that teams have the appropriate number of players for the season.

Competitions and Leagues

Northern Region Football (NRF) Leagues 

These leagues are administered entirely by the local Federation and involve teams from throughout the Northern Region Football area. These leagues are competitive with teams initially placed in grades requested by their Clubs, then re-graded before the championship rounds start in June.  Medals are awarded to championship winners for Under 13-19 grades. Games will be played against clubs from Northern Region Football, however for NRFL Youth Girls and NRF Championship leagues, teams may play against clubs from the North Shore.

Match Days

Matches are played on Saturdays for all Youth Grades except:

  • Under 13-17 NRFL Youth and NRF Championship (Boys) - Sunday (games may be scheduled during the April and July school holidays in some cases)

Detailed draws are published here for all grades approximately 1-2 weeks before the start of the season for all leagues.

Training Times, Days and Venues

Most teams are trained weekly by volunteer Coaches who freely give their own time to assist the players and the Club. For this reason, training days and times are normally decided by the Coach in discussion with the members of the team. Most teams train one night a week but NRFL Youth Girls and NRF Championship teams are required to be available to train at least twice a week, sometimes up to three times a week. Parents and players need to be aware of these requirements when trialling and accepting positions in top teams within a grade.

The Club is based at Michael's Avenue Reserve in Ellerslie. A number of teams train at this venue and at Liston Park but these spaces are not large enough to cater adequately for all Club teams. Team Coaches and Managers are encouraged to seek training facilities at local schools etc or contact us to discuss possible venues and times on Club controlled training areas. 

Playing Uniform

Teams are issued with a set of playing shirts including a goal keeper’s shirt and gloves in the gear bag issued to the Coach or Manager at the start of the season.  All items remain the property of the Club & MUST be returned at the end of the season or earlier if a player leaves the Club. The Club reserves the right to seek compensation and mark a player's national record with a red flag for any club property that is damaged or not returned.  It is preferable that the team shirts stay together as a set and a washing roster is set up for the season for each family to take turns to wash and bring back to training prior to the game on the weekend.

Players will need to provide the following items of their own:

  •  Football Boots (NO metal studs to be worn on artificial turf)
  •  Shin pads (players without shin pads will not be permitted to play)
  •  Black shorts
  •  Gold Football Socks

Shorts, socks, guard stays and supporters gear (caps, beanies, jackets etc) can be bought online from Score Sportswear (Lotto) via special online shops for Ellerslie players and supporters.  Click here to get more information.



Like any organisation dealing with children’s activities, the Club relies heavily on adult involvement. The vast majority of teams are coached by a parent or somebody connected to players in the team. 
In order to organise teams this year, your club must have coaches and managers for all teams. Please help your Club help your children by indicating how you can help (you will be asked during the online registration process).  Your family's involvement in the activities for your child, would be greatly appreciated.
The Club runs specialised training sessions for new coaches and supports coaches who wish to up skill through various training programmes run both internally and by Northern Region Football.
In particular, the club is looking for volunteers to fill the following roles.  These can be standalone roles and not requiring the volunteer to be on any Committees.
  • Club Committee member
  • Assist the club with finding Sponsorship opportunities
  • Liaison for booking and arranging pick-up and return of Club marquees
Contact Us if you would like to discuss ways you can help or join the Club Committee.

Financial Support

In common with most community based sporting organisations, the demand for and desire to, improve services to our members is often constrained by funding shortfalls. There is continual pressure to maintain an appropriate balance between reasonable subscriptions and fees and providing more and improved quality services for members.
In the past three years, the club has committed to employing a full-time Director of Junior / Youth Coaching, part-time Football Director and academy coaches and Operations administration staff. We are certain these moves will continue to have tremendous benefits for player and coach development at all ages in the Junior / Youth division, enhance the opportunities for our older teenagers as they progress into Senior football and enhance the way the club delivers services to our members with the experience the current staff provide.
We urge all members to financially support these initiatives by:
  • Paying subscriptions in full and on time
  • Adding a donation at registration time if able
  • New Clubrooms Funding Appeal - Further information 
  • Becoming a Club Sponsor and partnering with Ellerslie AFC - Contact Us to discuss