New Clubrooms & Amenities Project at Michaels Avenue

ESC Clubrooms Appeal

This project now requires your help to raise funds to enable the construction of new amenities and clubrooms for the benefit of both Ellerslie Football and Ellerslie Cricket Clubs, as well as the wider community.

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A warm welcome to both our existing, and to new members to the Ellerslie Football Club, as we contemplate a new season. We trust you have all had an enjoyable holiday break, where possible, with family and friends, and are looking forward to renewing old friendships, and developing new ones through your participation in our footballing activities.


When we review what happened in 2018, we can look back on the completion of all playing surface and floodlighting facilities at Michaels Ave, including a new pedestrian pathway from Elwood Place to improve safety.


The successful merging of the previous Junior and Senior committees into one Operational Committee, under the leadership of Tim Adams and Julie Vidovich, together with the increased operational resource offered by Lynnette Margison (the incumbent) and Kelly Bolus (the “newbie”) has provided tangible efficiencies, and benefits to our membership. In addition, a major effort by Fred de Jong (Director of Football) and Ryan Shiffman (Jnr/Yth Coaching Director) in devising and implementing various new coaching initiatives across the Club has resulted in increased playing numbers, together with a number of successes for various teams within the Club. Of particular note was a marked improvement in the quality of our women’s football with the Women’s First team coming 2nd in their competition, and winning the AFF Knockout Cup. In addition, the Club gained entry for the first time for our Girls’ U17 and U19 teams to their respective National tournaments.


But in 2019, and as always, our efforts and resources will continue to be guided by the parameters outlined in our 5 year Strategic Plan. A key focus remains on streamlining our members’ interaction with Club officials in order to create a better experience for members, and a faster response time to your requests. However, these efforts will continue to be hampered, somewhat, by the everchanging requirements imposed upon the club by AFF/NZF, including increased fee structures for this coming season as mandated by these organizations to fund the administration of the game.


In the coming season, Ryan will take on the added responsibility of coaching the Senior Women’s Premier side, as we seek to bolster resources within the ever-growing female side of the Club. The established pairing of Fred de Jong and Terry Torrens will again form an exciting coaching team for the NRFL Men’s Premier squad, as the team strives to seek promotion into the top league. In a wider sense, further coaching initiatives will focus on getting more coaches qualified, giving them more support including the provision of coaching materials, and in maintaining, and expanding opportunities for player development, particularly in the youth grades of Under 13-17’s. The Club has also committed to implementing some player welfare initiatives in 2019, aimed at not overloading the players so that they remain healthy; a focus that may offer a point of difference for our Club.


With the completion of Stage 2 of the Michaels Ave Redevelopment Plan, our major push is to start construction of the Stage 3 Amenities/Clubrooms facility during the coming year. A resource consent has been lodged with Council, and the Club has an obligation to raise funds to assist with the project’s cost, in order to supplement the $3.24m already secured for the project from Auckland Council. The writer will be communicating with our membership under separate cover in the next month to outline a fundraising structure that will enable all members to contribute to the project, as they deem appropriate to their circumstances. This is an extremely important final step in the Reserve’s redevelopment, and deserves everyone’s support.


In conclusion, and on behalf of our members, a thank you to our various Committee members for their respective time and energies, to our sponsors and Charitable Trusts that provide much needed financial support, and to our various members/parents that give freely of their time to ensure that Ellerslie teams are visible in all competitions.


As always, we would welcome new blood and ideas into the Club and would encourage you all to think about how you may be able to contribute to the ongoing growth, and viability of the Club, perhaps in a financial, administrative, managerial or coaching sense. Both the writer and/or Tim Adams as Club Operations Chairman, are available to assist you in this regard.


May I wish you all the best as you participate, support and succeed across the football fields of Auckland, under the red, black and gold colours of Ellerslie Football Club.

Kind regards,


Mark B. Weipers


January 2019