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To all Members

Some of you may already know that Auckland Council has recently released for consultation their Draft 10 year Plan for the city. The document remains open for submissions from the public until 28 March 2018.

As a community club, actively involved in the provision of sport and recreation services to our community, we were particularly interested in reviewing what financial resources Council were planning to direct towards the already well documented shortage of sports facilities within the city environs.

Unfortunately, upon review, the draft plan fails to provide sufficient investment into sport and recreation that allows for existing facilities to be upgraded and maintained, whilst also funding new facilities in growth areas. Given the city’s mantra of becoming the “world’s most liveable city” and the projected growth in population, we believe that this is an untenable position for Council to take.

The membership at Ellerslie Football have benefitted over the past 5 years from significant ratepayer investment in new facilities, including the artificial turf, floodlighting and lower field remediation work. However, we remain committed to put together the final stage of our redevelopment strategy, being new amenities and clubroom.

This planning process is a political minefield. Typically, the people who shout loudest get priority. As a consequence, we would like to invite you to make an individual submission on the need for Council to increase their investment in sport and recreation, and how that specifically relates to Ellerslie Football. This can be done by going to There is no specific question on sport and recreation so add your comments under “Question (7) Any other feedback” (with a heading “Sport and Recreation”)

To assist you, we would like to suggest some basic themes that may help in formulating a submission :   

  • More emphasis and focus on Sport and Recreation in the Plan
  • Advocate that budgets for capital investment in both new facilities and renewals need to be increased
  • How the previous Council investment in facilities at Michaels Ave Reserve has benefitted your family eg reduced cancellations, training facilities close to home, etc.
  • Emphasize the need for Council to reconfirm their commitment to assist with funding a new amenities/clubrooms block at Michaels Ave, which will cater for the increased playing numbers generated from the previous field improvements.

Some background information/commentary is available by clicking on the following files
Have your Say Response
Long Term Plan Presentation

Remember that your submission must be in by 28 March 2018. Please have your say as the weight of submissions can only assist us in providing the quality of facilities at Ellerslie that we all desire.


Mark B. Weipers - President