New Clubrooms & Amenities Project at Michaels Avenue

ESC Clubrooms Appeal

This project now requires your help to raise funds to enable the construction of new amenities and clubrooms for the benefit of both Ellerslie Football and Ellerslie Cricket Clubs, as well as the wider community.

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Go to the Auckland Football Club Directory & Grounds page for details of club's home grounds.

Go to the Northern Football Field Finder page for information on Northern Football club's grounds.

Or download the Auckland City Council official maps (including pitch numbers)
East and Central (including Ellerslie's grounds)

Quicklinks to maps for Tamaki League/Ellerslie AFC overflow Grounds

Michaels Avenue

Liston Park

Ngahue Reserve

Simson Reserve 

Point England Reserve

Sir Woolf Fisher Park


Ground Layouts for AFF Junior/Youth and Tamaki League Matches (and Senior Field Numbering)

Michaels Avenue Artificial Layouts: Turf Rules - IMPORTANT PLEASE READ

6th, 7th and 8th Grade

9th and 10th Grade

11th and 12th Grade

13th Grade to Seniors

Michaels Avenue Lower Field Layouts:



Ngahue Reserve Layout - Conditions of Use IMPORTANT Managers/Coaches please read


Liston Park Layout



Point England Reserve Layout



Simson Reserve Layout



Sir Woolf Fisher Park Layout (NEW)



Youth Teams Travelling to Waiheke

If your junior/youth team is travelling to Waiheke to play a scheduled match, your team coach or manager will need to contact the coach or manager of the Waiheke team you are playing EARLY IN THE WEEK.

Ellerslie Coaches/Managers click here for the person in charge of ticketing at Waiheke United.

Click here for a sample letter from a Waiheke Coach or Manager detailing how the travel arrangements work. NOTE IN PARTICULAR THE DEADLINE OF 3pm WEDNESDAY PRIOR TO YOUR GAME TO ORDER DISCOUNTED TICKETS!

Click here for information regarding reimbursements for ticket costs that can be claimed from Ellerslie AFC.