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Ellerslie AFC Girls’ Football

Heading Girls Football at Ellerslie is Ryan Shiffman (Coaching Director - Junior/Youth) in conjunction with Julie Vidovich (Girls Coordinator) - please email Julie in the first instance with any queries.

Julie Vidovich

2018 Season

In 2018, we want to build on all the great things that happened on the football field last year and offer events off the field for our players. 

Keep up to date on things throughout the year by following us on our dedicated girls pages on Facebook and Instagram


Trials will be held in February 2018. See the calendar for trial dates for girls.

We encourage all girls to attend trials to help us get numbers and teams right. Trials will be overseen by a group of assessors including our u16’s coach Nicola Demaine, Haley Gleeson, Ryan Shiffman.
Go to the
trials page for more information.


  • Between 7th and 9th Grade, you can choose to play in either an all girls team or in a mixed team of girls and boys. Teams in the 10th Grade and above play in Auckland-wide competitions. For certain grades there will be grading games at the start of the season.  Based on their results, teams are put into their grades for a championship competition. Teams in 7th - 9th Grade will play in the Ellerslie in-house competition.
  • The Coaching Director and coaches carefully consider which competition each team plays in to optimise development.
  • Girls play on a Saturday morning during the season, except for a couple of older grades.  The younger girls play early and playing times get progressively later for the old girls.
  • Games are usually played on the first and last weekend of the school holidays, but not the middle weekend.
  • There are tournaments throughout the season where Ellerslie teams can play against other club teams. For managers, these are usually listed on the Auckland Football Federation website. Click here to see the tournament page.


Each team needs a coach and manager. We are always looking for keen people to fill these roles. Please let Ryan ( ) know if you are interested. This will help with planning. We are working hard to make sure we have coaches in place for our 2018 season.


We encourage our older youth and our senior women to coach younger teams and this is something that the Club and teams are very supportive of.  If you are a youth player and would like to be involved in coaching a team this year, please e-mail Julie Vidovich on

As a coach of a girls’ team, you can attend coaching courses run by Ryan specifically for coaches of girls’ teams.

You will also get mentoring and support from Ryan. Click here on our Coach Development page to get more information.


Register to Join in 2018

Information on Subscriptions, Uniforms, Playing Format, Rules and other information is available here


Girls Subcommittee

As well as Ryan, we have a Girls’ Subcommittee working hard to promote girls football at Ellerslie. If you have any suggestions, ideas, ways to improve on girls football, this subcommittee would really like to hear them. Contact Julie Vidovich on