New Clubrooms & Amenities Project at Michaels Avenue

ESC Clubrooms Appeal

This project now requires your help to raise funds to enable the construction of new amenities and clubrooms for the benefit of both Ellerslie Football and Ellerslie Cricket Clubs, as well as the wider community.

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Field Map for Michaels Ave, Ngahue Reserve and Liston Park - MAP


Evening Training Schedules for 2019 (March to August) for all venues.

Monday to Friday (updated in early March 2019)


Game Schedules for: (updated in late March 2019)

Michaels Ave #1 (turf)

Michaels Ave #2

Michaels Ave #3 

Michaels Ave #4 (half pitch)

Michaels Ave #5

Michaels Ave #6 (turf training area)

Liston Park # 1

Ngahue Reserve # 1 (turf)

Simson Reserve # 1 


Facility Hirage Terms and Conditions - Click here
Turf Rules at Michaels Ave - Click here