New Clubrooms & Amenities Project at Michaels Avenue

ESC Clubrooms Appeal

This project now requires your help to raise funds to enable the construction of new amenities and clubrooms for the benefit of both Ellerslie Football and Ellerslie Cricket Clubs, as well as the wider community.

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National League and National Youth League (NL in Bold)

2019 - Kyrylo Bolharyn (Waitakere United National Youth League), Madeline McCormick (AFF National Women's League Development squad), Aalok Paudel, Declan Peach & Hamish Grey (AFF National League Futsal)

2018 - Andre Fruh (Eastern Suburbs National Youth League), Art Twigg & Denny Twigg (NFF National League Futsal), Connor McConchie & Aalok Paudel (AFF National League Futsal), Conor Tracey (Canterbury United Dragons ISPS Handa Premiership)

2017 - Oliver Pocock, Sam Twigg, Denny Twigg, Will Sargent, Kelvin Kalua (Eastern Suburbs National Youth League), Kelvin Kalua (Eastern Suburbs ISPS Handa Premiership), Art Twigg, Sam Twigg, Denny Twigg (NFF National League Futsal)

2016 - Dylan Horgan, Allan McBride, Art Twigg, Sam Twigg, Denny Twigg, Luke Clissold, Jamie Lamb (Eastern Suburbs National Youth League Team).  Adam Scott, Myron Manickum (AFF-East City National League Futsal), Art Twigg, Sam Twigg, Denny Twigg (NFF National League Futsal)

2015 - Conor Tracey, Jardin Draper (Auckland City Youth Team). Sam Twigg, Art Twigg, Aaron Dahmen, Myron Manickum (AFF-East City National League Fustal)

2014 - Callum Waters, Alex Witteveen, Lachlan Woods-Davidson, Adam Barkley, Jardin Draper, George Sussock, Seth Armstrong, Dylan Tate (all Auckland United Youth Team).  Josh Torrens, Will Hunt, Myer Crane, Conor Tracey (all Auckland City Youth Team).  Art Twigg, Sam Twigg, Adam Scott (All AFF-East City National League Futsal)

2013 - Andre de Jong (Wanderers SC).  Sean Dowling (Waitakere United).  Alex Witteveen, Matthew Lieshout (Auckland City Youth Team).  Adam Barkley, Jordan Oosterhof (Auckland United Youth Team)

2012 - Harrison Sage (Auckland City Youth Team), Adam Barkley (Waitakere United Youth Team)

2011 - Scott Wallace (Auckland City Youth Team)

2010 - Nathan Palmer (Waikato FC)


NZ Representatives

2013 - Andre de Jong (U17 OFC and FIFA U17 World Cup)


Cue Sports All Star's

2012 to 2015 - No Series Held

2011 - Will Roper

2010 - Mike Ritchie

2010 - Eddy Sillars

2010 - Nathan Palmer

2009 - Nathan Palmer

2008 - Isaac Dickerson