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INFORMATION re Junior/Youth TRIALS 2017

This year trials are being held for 9th to 19th grades

- those born 2008 or earlier
Check our Calendar for details of day/times for each grade
Cancellation information - Please check the Club's website or facebook page

NOTE: Trials are not held for teams playing in the Tamaki League. All players registered for the 6th-8th Tamaki League grades will be placed in teams.


Trial Dates and Times

Female Players

Objective of Trials

Attendance at Trials

Playing in Correct Grade

Under 15 - 19th Boys Grades


Further Information



Trial Dates and Times

See our Calendar for details of trial dates and times 
All trials last for approximately 1.0 to 2  hours
Please arrive 20-30 muniutes before the scheduled startof the trial so that names can be taken and trial bibs allocated. Please note attendance at trials does not equate to registration to play for the Club and you must register online if you wish to play during the 2017 season 

Objectives of Trials

Ellerslie AFC Junior and Youth Division run trials for 9th grade and older to identify players to represent the club in the top two or three divisions of each age group (usually Metro, Conference (or Premier), Div 1 and/or Div 2). Squads for 9th and 10th Grades normally have 9 players. 11th and 12th Grade squads normally have 12 players.  All other squads normally have 14 - 16 players.
Naturally, we aim to identify players of even playing abilities but the process is complex because the judgement is subjective and there are a number of conditioning factors (such as the different coaching backgrounds and experiences, limited resources to collect and analyse data and the like). In addition to the conditioning factors, children grow and develop at different times, so, for example, a child who was considered to be a Div 2 player at one point could develop to Metro/Premier standard within a short period of time (and vice versa).
In order to most fairly identify players, we will utilise:
1.      At least two assessors observing the pre-season trial games on each field.
2.      Feedback forms and verbal feedback (given to the Club Coaching Department) from last year’s coaches.
While some selection decisions will always be debatable, we believe our processes are robust and put us in a strong position to provide fair and credible trials and selections.
Some grades may assess players through pre-season training or continue to assess after trails via squad training. The trial organisers/coaches will provide details after the grade's initial trials.
The allocation of over 1,000 players to teams is a complex task and requires a considerable amount of time to ensure players are placed in appropriate teams.
Players in 6th - 8th Grades are placed into teams and play in our in-house Tamaki League and are not required to trial. These teams are announced at our Muster Day (Sunday 20th March - 3pm Michaels Ave Reserve).
Players in 9th Grade and above, will be advised via email, when the teams in their grade have been released on the Club's system and how to find this information. We expect that this information should be available around the middle of March 2017.


Female Members 

It is highly recommended that all female players, whether playing mixed or girls only, attend both girls trials. See our calendar for details of trail dates and times.
If you are unable to make the first trial time please let us know by email and and attend the second trial.
Depending on numbers, we will be having girls only teams from 7th grade and up. 
There will be trials for the girls for 9th graders and above.  We look forward to having girls in teams with equal skill level to help further along their player development.
Click here for more on Girls' football at Ellerslie.

Attendance at Trials


  • Players Who Do Not Trial

In order for players to be considered for the top Club teams, players MUST trial on the indicated dates and times.

Special circumstances will be considered if prior notice is given. (email us).

Players not taking part in the trials (without prior notice or special circumstances) should not expect to be placed in top teams at the club. In all cases, Ellerslie AFC will make every possible effort to group the players into teams at a similar ability level.

  • Trials for 9th - 13th Grades (Boys/Mixed)?

Two trial days have been scheduled. All players should attend the first trial if at all possible. At the end of the first trial all players will be advised regarding plans for the second trial.


  • 9th Grade - Players born in 2008
Trials are held for players wishing to be considered for teams playing in the Auckland Footbal Federation 9th Grade Competition. Please note that this will involve travel around the Auckland Region.
Players not attending trials will be placed in the 9th Grade divsion of our in-house Tamaki League. This grade may include teams form Onehunga Sports and Onehunga-Mnagere and requires some away travle to games

Players to Play in Correct Grade

In the past the Club has had some players playing a grade above their age. As a matter of Club policy, we now request each child play in his/her correct age grade. The more time the children have to develop, the better it will be for them. Playing up does not necessarily develop children more quickly. Unless there is a very special circumstance (to be assessed by the Coaching Director on a case by case basis), we will not permit players to play up. If need be, please feel free to contact the Coaching Department to discuss this matter in detail.

Under 13 - 19th Boys Grades 

Players born in 2004 play in the 13th Grade.

Players born in 2003 play in the 14th Grade.

Players born in 2002 play in the 15th Grade.

Players born in 2001 play in the 16th Grade.

Players born in 2000 play in the 17th Grade.

Players born in 1998 and 1999 play in the 19th Grade.


The 13th - 17th Grade Metropolitan and Conference competitions (highest level) are now all to played on Sundays. The remainder of the 13th -17th grade competitions are played on Saturdays.


The selection process for these grades commences with pre-season training/trials in February as per the calendar.  Details of additional trials (if necessary) and pre-season training will be advised at the grade initial trial/training.


Please advise the trial organisers  on the day if you are not able to play on Sundays so that you can be considered for an appropriate team.


Players selected for Metro, Conference or Girls Premier teams are expected to be available for two training sessions per week and be available for the whole season. If a player is likley to be absent for an extended period during the season please let the Coaching Director or trial organiser know as this may affect the size of the squad for each team.



Please click the following links to check policies relevant to trials and team selections etc.


Underage Players

Selection of Team Coaches


Further Information

If you need any further information about trials please email our Coaching Department