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Skills and Player Development Courses 2017


The Club is pleased to offer a range of player development courses this year. 

All intending partcipants MUST register and pay for a course to reserve a place on it. In most cases places are limited so we recommend you register and pay early.

Online registrations are preferred.

For an existing player registered with the Club in 2017, use your normal login and once logged in select Tasks/Purchases and Bookings. A list of available courses will be available to purchase. Follow the on screen information to book and pay.

Those not registered with the Club are welcome to attend some courses (eg School Holiday Courses). To register a non- player use this link . Scroll to the bottom of the first screen, select "Register as a Non-Player" and make sure to select "Coaching Purchasing" on the next screen. A list of available courses will be presented for purchase. Follow the on screen instructions to book and pay.


Registrations are now open for the courses below with a reference number link

Click the Course Reference Number for more details

School Holiday Football Skills


Player Development Programmes

TERM 4 - Girls 10th - 11th Grade Programme (2017_PDP_G10_G11_4)  INVITE ONLY

TERM 4 - Boys 9th - 11th Grade Programme (2017_PDP_B9_B11_4) INVITE ONLY


Academy Programmes (INVITE ONLY)

Term 4 7th Grade Academy (2017_AP25)

Term 4 8th Grade Aacdemy (2017_AP26)

Term 4 9th Grade Academy (2017_AP27)

Term 4 10th Grade Academy (2017_AP28)

Term 4 11th Grade Academy (2017_AP29)

Term 4 12th Grade Academy (2017_AP30)

Term 4 13th Grade Aacdemy (2017_AP31)

Term 4 14th - 16th Grade Academy (2017_AP32)

Term 4 GIRLS ONLY 14th - 16th Grade Academy (2017_GAP6)