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2017 Coaches/Managers Meeting Notes - Tamaki League Teams


2017 Coaches/Managers Meeting Notes - Federation Teams


The coaches corner page will be used as an informal forum to assist our coaches. Throughout the year we will be running a number of informal coach education workshops. Notes for these workshops will be uploaded here, plus any other useful tools we come across.

If you are interested in attending a New Zealand Football (NZF) coach education course please click here to see scheduled dates and a brief outline of the coach education courses we will be delivering this year.


Parent Behavior for Bettering Player Development

I recommend every person reads this short article.  More and more athletes continue to stop playing the sport they love so much because they would rather miss out on that sport than have to put up with their parents behavior on the sideline and the after game discussions.  This article explains how to positively act on the sideline and a proper way to engage your child after the game to ensure that they continue to love playing the game we all love.  Click here to read the article. 

Massive Benefits of Small Sided Games

This short youtube video clearly explains the benefits of playing small sided games.  It also explains the reasons that our players are playing on smaller pitches with less players.  It is to maximize their learning opportunities which will aid them in developing faster.  To view this short video, click here.

Team Goal of the Year - Scored by 12 Year Olds

This amazing video is one of the greatest team goals ever scored.  I don't want to ruin anything about it, so have a watch of it here.  It is done by a Greek team from a small town and it demonstrates all the skills we are trying to instil in our players.  Have a watch a second time to see all the skills we are looking for such as close ball control, receiving the ball across their body with their back foot, a positive first touch into space, turning away from pressure and toward the opposition's goal, scanning the field, individual dribbling technique, creativity and decision making.  There is a nice follow up story to this video as well that can be read here.  Barcelona FC has seen the video and invited the team to come play against the Barcelona Youth squad.  How exciting for that group of players!


Warm Up / Cool Down / Stretching

Warming up correctly and injury prevention go hand-in-hand, which makes it important that as a coach you have a good basic understanding of the correct principles.

The 11+ programme is a warm-up/injury prevention programme developed by FIFA. I recommend that every coach has a look at this and implements these into their warm-ups / cool downs.



Click here to access notes from a goalkeeping coach education workshop.



Tournaments are a good way for a team to get to know each other early on in the season.  It is also a good way for them to form strong relationships between each other, as well as for the parents.  We recommend that a team not attend more than 2 tournaments per season.  This is due to the high intensity for physical performance that they put on the players.  We do not want our players burning out because there is too much demanded of them.  They also don't provide us with a great opportunity for development, as it is just a series of games.

Click here to access the list of tournaments that are being run this season.

If you are considering attending a tournament this year, we ask that you please contact our Coaching Director to inform him of which tournament you are looking to attend, as we wouldn't want more than 1 team from the same grade at Ellerslie to be in the same tournament.

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